Risks Related to Misdeclared Hazardous Cargo

Misdeclared hazardous cargo can pose a serious risk not only to that cargo, as also to health, safety, property. This is because, since it is not properly manifested, it is not properly handled and packaged.

Due to the specific – and risky – characteristics that this load represents, it is subject to acceptance by the line. When accepted, the necessary specific adjustments will be made in booking.

Hazardous cargo that is not scheduled or documented as such shall be considered as undeclared hazardous cargo. Therefore all costs, damages, fines and penalties that may arise will be the merchant’s responsibility.

Therefore, and for the safety of all stakeholders, EVERGREEN has announced that it will apply fines for those who declare hazardous cargo incorrectly. Thus, any omission, concealment or misrepresentation of dangerous cargo will result in penalties to those entitled.

This decision is in line with the measures taken by other shipowners and results from accidents which have been attributed to Misdeclared hazardous cargo. According to the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS), these are the causes of approximately 25% of all major accidents on board container ships

With this measure EVERGREEN intends to reduce the risk that incorrect declaration of dangerous cargo poses to ships, cargo and people.

Misdeclared Non-Hazardous Cargo

Also the remaining undeclared cargo will lead to additional charges. Therefore, any incorrect description or statement will lead to merchant liability, which may incur penalties.

Green Ibérica is here to assist in the correct declaration of all cargo. For more information, please contact us.