Evergreen Line’s global coverage places Portugal inside main world trade routes and provides to export and import companies the right kind of containerization that better fits their goods.

Far East
With 6 weekly services covering 19 base ports, Evergreen Line links Portugal to Middle East, Indian Sub-continent and South East Asia, including China, Japan and Australia.

USA and Mexico ( East Coast and Atlantic Gulf ) (Costa Este e Golfo do México)
Evergreen Line’s extensive weekly coverage of US East Cost and Atlantic Gulf connecting to US hinterland bridges the way to one of the biggest world trade markets.

Evergreen Line’s Intra-Europe efficient and flexible network links Portugal to Northern Europe markets through multimodal tools that allow shipping of goods to their final destination. Extensive service scope includes Center Europe, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Poland Russia and other Baltic countries.

Mediterranean, Northern Africa and Black Sea
Evergreen Line offers weekly direct service from/to Casablanca (Morocco) and gives access, through its hub in Piraeus, to Black Sea and different areas of Mediterranean, including countries of Northern Africa.

East Africa
Weekly routes covering East Africa: Kenya and Tanzania

Special equipment and controlled temperature units
With the aim to handle extra dimensions and overweight cargo, hanging garments or perishable goods, Evergreen Line offers its clients special equipment and controlled temperature units.

All shipments are subject to terms and conditions of Bill of Lading

Evergreen Line

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