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Brands and Maritime Operators Join to Fight Counterfeit Goods in Maritime Supply Chain

In order to reduce the volume of commerce of counterfeit goods, major global brands joined maritime companies. Together they have developed a document with a set of best practices for the maritime industry.


Fight Against Counterfeit Goods

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Counterfeit goods have been growing, which took to significant losses to world business and economy. This put creativity and innovation at stake, harming recognition and quality of brands and jeopardize health and security of the consumer.

In this context, ICC – International Chamber of Commerce, introduced BASCAP – Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy, in 2015. The primary goal of BASCAP is to connect and mobilize business in different industries, sectors and countries in the fight against counterfeit goods and piracy. This platform intent to take the problems in these companies to governments, to population and to media. With more exposition became possible to increase awareness about the existence of this activities and the economic and social challenges they bring.


BASCAP Results

Joining Brand Owners, Vessel Operators and Freight Forwarders, allowed BASCAP and all the other parties, to develop and sign a Declaration of Intentions, in 2016, capable of give the first steps to prevent the transportation of those illegal products. Since then, they have been working together to attack the counterfeit goods when they still are in the supply chain.


“Know Your Customer, Due Diligence and Maritime Supply Chain Integrity”

It was that join effort that allowed to develop the document “Know Your Customer, Due Diligence and Maritime Supply Chain Integrity”. Here you can find the best practices to take by the maritime industry, which may lead to a reduction of the transportation of those products by sea. This agreement have a control list which verifies clients and the supply chains in the industry.

The first version of this document was launched in March. This second document expands to cover due diligence recommendations for existing customers, as well as further voluntary measure for both brands and maritime operators to improve the integrity of their relationships throughout the maritime supply chain.

The document was launched in September 26, in the conference “International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property Crime” in Dubai, co-hosted by INTERPOL and Dubai Police.

You can find the document HERE.