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Evergreen Reinforce Its Fleet With 38 New Ships

Evergreen has announced its plans to increase its fleet with 38 new ships mid-sized. The new vessels will be supplied under long-term charter contracts.

Regarding the capacity of the new fleet members, 14 will have about 2.500 TEU as the other 24 will take about 1.800 TEU. The containerships are to be split equally between two subsidiaries of Evergreen Marine Corp. (EMC): Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) and the Panama-registered Greencompass Marine S.A.

These 38 new vessels in the carrier’s pipeline join the 36 previously ordered, and boost Evergreen’s orderbook to 74 ships, totaling 502.000 TEU (43.8% of our existing fleet), the largest orderbook of all carriers.


Before Ordered Containerships

As afore mentioned, 36 containerships, from previous orders, are yet to be delivered. Of those, 20 will have about 11.850 TEU capacity, 8 will have about 2.900 TEU and the last 8 will have about 21.000 TEU.

Of the twenty 11.850 TEU’ containerships, 8 will be acquired to Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) as the other 12 will be charter to Shoei Kisen Kaisha (as we previously announced).

The eight 2.900 TEU’ “B-Class” vessels are part of an order of 20, of which 12 has already been delivered.

Last but not least, the other eight 21.000 TEU’ ULCV are not to be forgotten. These Ultra-Large Container Vessels, equipped with “G-Type” motors, will join the other 3 already integrated in the fleet. They are to be delivered until September 2019.


New Ships’ Main Advantages

Beyond increase and renew Evergreen’s fleet, these new ships are a major step towards, concerning environmental protection measurements, and so in line with Evergreen’s identity. With this we intend to serve the best service to our clients, never neglecting our social responsibility, thru a path of development allied to sustainability.