EVERGREEN Completes Its 50th Anniversary

Evergreen completes 50 years! The month of its half-century celebration it’s the right time for a retrospective, to see where it came, what has accomplished and what has learned.


Evergreen – 50 Years of History

Evergreen was born of the sea. Braving winds and waves, we sail at the forefront of the global stage.

Evergreen Group Founder and Chairman Dr. Y. F. Chang established Evergreen Marine Corp. in 1968. After 50 years, we have overcome challenges and continue to steer a steady course to a future of infinite possibilities.

“I just love the sea. I can’t bear to give up my work in the maritime industry. To pursue a career, you need to set a target and devote yourself to achieve that goal. If you fail, try again. Failure is the mother of success, just keep on trying.

When I first started the company I didn’t aspire to become a shipping magnate, vessels of 500 tons would be enough to meet our demand, rather than anything bigger. Back then, it was hard to imagine the scale of our operation today.”

Dr. Y. F. Chang


In 1968, Dr. Chang started the company with just one used general cargo ship. Despite adversities and fierce competition his leadership encouraged employees to remain positive and overcome obstacles along the way.

“At that beginning we were based in a four-story building on Chang-an East Road. My apartment was on the fourth floor and the offices were on the first and second floors. We were a small company with a few bulk vessels.

You should all still remember the fire that occurred on Ever Island in Keelung. That was a very, very tough time. At that time, we asked Marubeni Corporation for support to build five new general cargo ships. I planned on building container ships. Marubeni’s business department head asked me why would Evergreen want to venture into container shipping, do you have the ability to do so, and to that I replied – Yes, definitely!”

Dr. Y. F. Chang


Historical Milestones

1969 – Launched Taiwan’s first Far East-Arabian-Persian Gulf regular liner service.

1972 – Inaugurated Taiwan’s first Far East-Caribbean linear Service. Guided by Dr. Chang’s exceptional vision Evergreen embraced fully-containerized transportation.

1975 – Launched Taiwan’s first Far East-US East Coast container route becoming the first shipping company in Taiwan to offer containerized service.

1979 – Inaugurated Taiwan’s first Far East-Europe full container service breaking the century-old monopoly held by the Far Eastern Freight Conference.

1983 – Built the Far East’s largest inland container terminal.

1984 – Inaugurated round-the-world eastbound and westbound full container services marking an unprecedented milestone in the shipping industry.

1985 – Became the world’s largest container shipping company. All across the world we keep up our pace of development going forward we are committed to creating more possibilities for the global transportation industry.


We Are Still Growing

For 50 years, with an iron will, we have ventured far and wide across the seas, on land and in the skies to make Evergreen what it is today.

As a leading brand in the global shipping industry, Evergreen has attained many significant milestones and gained international recognition. We now operate a fleet of more than 200 container ships and serve all five continents. With more than 300 locations around the world we are growing steadily and continuously innovating.

Our operating strategy is comprehensive and flexible, and we upgrade e-commerce capabilities providing high-quality and efficient shipping services to all customers. In the pursuit of greater operational efficiency, we remain true to our corporate philosophy of generating profit, caring for employees and giving back to society.

We use the most advanced shipping technologies to promote sustainable coexistence between people and the environment and to protect the earth.

Evergreen´s success today is the result of the concerted efforts of our entire team as well as the support and encouragement of all our customers and partners. From our beginnings in shipping the Evergreen’ spirit of challenge, innovation and teamwork has led us to diversify into a network of affiliated companies with mutual ties all growing and thriving together.

We strive to be a positive influence for every level of society and share our achievements to produce solid returns for all. We firmly believe that success is built on respect, integrity, sharing and mutual prosperity. Through 50 years of endurance, Evergreen flourishes from its roots in the sea. We continue our pursuit of service excellence and explore more possibilities for the future.

We thank every one of our colleagues and partners who have worked alongside us over the past 50 years. Your support motivates us to stay true to that original aspiration, to brave the wind and waves, and forge ahead.

We will uphold the concept of sustainable development and carry on with a steady and pragmatic approach to continuously upgrade, surpass and expand our comprehensive transportation services while pursuing the grand vision that leads us to navigate our way to every corner of the world.

At Evergreen we are proudly dedicated to making life better for everyone whether at sea, on land or in the sky, our goal is to enrich people’s lives and to work hand-in-hand to create a better future.

Evergreen at 50.

Full Steam Ahead!



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Evergreen Reinforce Its Fleet With 38 New Ships

Evergreen has announced its plans to increase its fleet with 38 new ships mid-sized. The new vessels will be supplied under long-term charter contracts.

Regarding the capacity of the new fleet members, 14 will have about 2.500 TEU as the other 24 will take about 1.800 TEU. The containerships are to be split equally between two subsidiaries of Evergreen Marine Corp. (EMC): Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) and the Panama-registered Greencompass Marine S.A.

These 38 new vessels in the carrier’s pipeline join the 36 previously ordered, and boost Evergreen’s orderbook to 74 ships, totaling 502.000 TEU (43.8% of our existing fleet), the largest orderbook of all carriers.


Before Ordered Containerships

As afore mentioned, 36 containerships, from previous orders, are yet to be delivered. Of those, 20 will have about 11.850 TEU capacity, 8 will have about 2.900 TEU and the last 8 will have about 21.000 TEU.

Of the twenty 11.850 TEU’ containerships, 8 will be acquired to Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) as the other 12 will be charter to Shoei Kisen Kaisha (as we previously announced).

The eight 2.900 TEU’ “B-Class” vessels are part of an order of 20, of which 12 has already been delivered.

Last but not least, the other eight 21.000 TEU’ ULCV are not to be forgotten. These Ultra-Large Container Vessels, equipped with “G-Type” motors, will join the other 3 already integrated in the fleet. They are to be delivered until September 2019.


New Ships’ Main Advantages

Beyond increase and renew Evergreen’s fleet, these new ships are a major step towards, concerning environmental protection measurements, and so in line with Evergreen’s identity. With this we intend to serve the best service to our clients, never neglecting our social responsibility, thru a path of development allied to sustainability.


New LATAM Cargo Flight To South America

Green Ibérica is delighted to announce our new flight to South America, in result of the partnership with our represented LATAM Cargo.

Taking off next 3 September, this new flight will be operated by a B767 aircraft, making the route LIS > GRU.


LATAM Cargo Flight Schedule


About LATAM Cargo

LATAM Cargo is an air company that stands out for its up-to-date fleet, one of the newest in the world. Its fleet have 311 aircrafts, and the highlights are on the highly technological Airbus 350 and Boing 787. LATAM is the only company in the South American skies equipped with both models.

Result of the fusion between LAN Cargo and TAM Cargo, LATAM is responsible for many flights between Iberian Peninsula and South America, namely countries like Brazil (GRU and VCP), Peru (LIM), Ecuador (UIO and GYE) and Chile (SCL), among several others. Besides international flights, the company also makes available several internal flights.


Naturally besides the new route presented, we have available many others. You can know more about those routes, as about the other companies we work with, HERE.

To know more, get in touch with us.

Right on Time. airBaltic is Green Ibérica’s New Represented Airline

Green Ibérica is happy to announce airBaltic as our new represented, in the skies to deliver your goods.

airBaltic is an European airline taking the best practices of the best network airlines. Their main priorities are safety, punctuality and service quality. Of these we have to highlight punctuality once the company have won the prize World’s most punctual airline in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

airBaltic the most punctual airline

airBaltic is a joint stock company that was established in 1995. Its primary shareholder is the Latvian state, which holds 80.05% of the stock.

The airline serves over 60 destinations from its home base in Riga, Latvia. From every one of these locations, airBaltic offers convenient connections via Riga to its network spanning Europe, Scandinavia, the CIS and the Middle East.


airBaltic Cargo Services

airBaltic offers a cargo shipment service. To do so, the airline have a fleet composed by the following aircraft:

This fleet allows to transport, for instance, European pallets and American pallets, with as much as 84cm height and 300kg volume.

DG cargo and temperature controlled shipments are accepted.

If you want to transport animals, this company can also be the right solution. airBaltic is an EU-authorised animal carrier (transporter authorisation no. 067731) making this kind of transportation with all safety and comfort.

Due to the flight schedule we can assure fast connections within the airline network, with common transit times of less than 24h.


If you have cargo with weight or dimensions above the afore-mentioned, or if you want to transport animals in a safe way, get in touch with Green Ibérica. We will inform you of all the documentation and requirements needed.

You can also meet the other companies we work with.


Evergreen’ New ULCV Are Already Arriving

Evergreen is reinforcing its fleet and two of eleven ULCV (Ultra Large Container Vessel) were already delivered.

We want to always have the most advanced shipbuilding technologies and so we aimed to the new generation of ultra-large containerships. The first to arrive was the Ever Golden, followed by Ever Goods.

New ULCV Characteristics

The ship measurements are about 400 meters in length and about 59 meters wide. The ship design incorporates optimized hull profiles and minimum ballast water requirements to maximize cargo carrying capability. The vessels are designed to have lager depth to strengthen hull structure and navigation safety.


Role New ULCV Play in the Evergreen’ Environmental Compromises

EVER GOLDEN ULCV Vessel - Rilland-Bath

In line with the stringent eco-friendly criteria that Evergreen has imposed on its own operation, the ships are equipped with various environmental protection devices and fully comply with the regulations of international maritime agencies. Ship-to-shore real time data transmission system is introduced to enable operation concerned departments on land to monitor navigation statistics and weather condition, analyze the data and take in time action for speed optimization and route planning at sea. The capabilities can lower fuel consumption and enhance navigation safety. The ship’s new generation G-type main engine is developed with a longer stroke to operate at lower speeds with capability to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The program will rejuvenate the fleet thereby enhancing the quality of service also we, Green Ibérica, offer to our customers. This will reinforce the line’s competitiveness in the marketplace as get a lot more ecological with all the green technology support the vessels are equipped with.

Evergreen Orders Twenty 11,000 TEU Containerships

Evergreen Marine Corp. (EMC) entered into an agreement with Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) last February to order eight 11,000 TEU containerships. Four ships will be owned by EMC’s subsidiary, Greencompass Marine S.A. and a further four by Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd. Furthermore EMC entered into an agreement with Shoei Kisen Kaisha to charter twelve 11,000 TEU class containerships. The two subsidiaries of EMC will each charter six vessels. All twenty ships will be newbuildings and are due to be delivered from the third quarter of 2020 through to the last quarter of 2021.

Evergreen Marine Corp. emphasizes that the aim of this newbuilding program is to meet future market demand and to continue with its ongoing fleet renewal.


Dimensions and Key Benefits of the New Containerships

The ship dimensions are about 333.9 meters in length, 48.4 meters wide, able to carry 11,850 TEU with a deadweight of 127,000 metric tons at a scantling draft of 15.5 meters. The vessels are designed to sail at a service speed of 23 knots and can pass through the Panama Canal.

The ship’s length over all is shorter than those of ultra-large containerships currently plying the Asia – Europe trade, making it easier to manoeuver the ships during berthing or departure and bringing greater flexibility in fleet deployment.

In addition, the ships are specially designed to enable the loading of 40 foot containers on top of two 20 foot units; also known as “Russian stowage” or “mixed stowage”.  Such arrangement can not only increase the vessel’s loading flexibility but also maximize cargo-carrying capability.


Evergreen’s Fleet

Evergreen Line’s current operating fleet incorporates around 200 containerships with a total capacity above 1.1 million TEU.  To further enhance service quality and competitiveness, the carrier is continuing its fleet renewal program.  With the delivery of these newbuildings, Evergreen will redeliver older tonnage upon expiry of their charter agreements. In this way, the efficiency of its operating fleet will be optimized and the competitiveness of its services enhanced.

In line with the stringent eco-friendly criteria that Evergreen has imposed on its own operation, the ships are equipped with various environmental protection devices, including a ballast water treatment system and alternative maritime power to fully comply with the regulations of international maritime agencies and authorities concerned.


With this fleet upgrade, Green Ibérica can offer to its clients in Portugal, a better service with direct routes between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, which can represent a lower delivery time to that side of the planet. Besides that we also make a step toward our identity standards of being an Eco-friendly company.

Applauses to Green Ibérica – Empresa Aplauso 2018

Green Ibérica was distinguish with the prize Empresa Aplauso 2018.

This prize is given by Millennium BCP and aims to distinguish the economic performance, innovation capacity and financial soundness of Portuguese companies.

To be Empresa Aplauso 2018 will allow Green Ibérica to have access to several support services, several benefits in solutions and products, which will allow us to have a better management of our daily strategy. This prize also opens us the perspective to increase investment.

If you want to have as partner in the transportation of your goods a company recognized as solid and valuable, get in touch with us.

Evergreen Strengthens Asia – East Africa Service

In order to meet increasing and diverse market demands, Evergreen Line, Group of which Green Ibérica it’s part of, has announced enhancements to its current Asia – East Africa service (AEF) – adding to its direct calls in Central & Southern China.

Five vessels are currently deployed on the AEF service – three operated by Evergreen Line, the remaining two by COSCO and X-Press Feeders. To accommodate the extended service to China, Evergreen Line and COSCO will each provide one more vessel.

In addition to the current AEF calls in Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Kenya, the extended weekly service will provide a direct connection between three Chinese ports and Kenya. The jointly operated service will commence with a sailing from Shanghai on July 5th, 2018 and have the following port rotation:

Shanghai > Ningbo > Shekou > Singapore > Tanjung Pelepas > Port Klang (West Port) > Colombo > Mombasa > Colombo > Port Klang (West Port) > Tanjung Pelepas > Singapore > Shanghai


East Africa’s New Economic Reality

The economic development of the East African region in recent years has been one of consistent growth.  As a major trading partner, Chinese investment plays an important role in this growth and in particular has lead infrastructure construction, a significant driver of increased import cargoes to the area. The AEF service extension therefore is an appropriate reaction to customer demands within the China – East Africa trade.

With the advent of peak season in July, this upgraded AEF service will certainly be a great assistance for shippers on this trade lane.

Portugal will have great benefits with this new service, once Colombo is where transshipment is undertaken, representing an important Evergreen’s hub in the region.

If you have any doubt, please get in touch with us.


Dear client,

As from April, under the scope of Ocean Alliance set up service, Evergren Line deploys new routings on Asia – Europe and Transatlantic trade lanes that provide our clients :

– Enlarged coverage;
– Improved frequency;
– Faster transit times;

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