Ever Grade has been delivered to EVERGREEN, last January 15th.

After the delivery of 5 ULCV – Ultra Large Container Vessel (Ever Goods, Ever Golden, Ever Genius, Ever Given e Ever Gifted), now was time to Ever Grade to start its service to Evergreen, the 6th of 11. The delivery of these 20,388 TEU “megamax” ships began in March 2018 and intents to be concluded in next September.


New ULCV Characteristics

EVER GOLDEN Vessel - Rilland-Bath

Like it’s twins, this G-Class ship is equipped with an eleven-cylinder MAN-B&W G95ME main engine rated at 59,250 kW MCR. This ships can reach commercial speeds of up to 21 knots.

The ship measurements are about 400 meters in length and about 59 meters wide, making possible to accommodate about 21,000TEU. These vessels are designed to have larger depth to strengthen hull structure therefore making navigation safer.


Ever Grade is a Clear Bet In The European Market

Ever Grade was incorporated in the Ocean Alliance in the Asia – Europe “NEU6” service, the “CEM” China – Europe – Mediterranean of EVERGREEN.

EVERGREEN’s ships which used to operate in this service, used to have about 14,000TEU. This fleet is being upgraded to 20,000TEU ships. The first “megamax” ship to be integrated in “CEM” was Ever Golden that came from “NEU3” last December.

With the transport capacity increase to the European market, Ocean Alliance recognize the value of Europe, as its potential to grow.


This program is leading to an increase and renewal of EVERGREEN’s fleet. Therefore this will allow to increase the quality of the service we, Green Ibérica, supply to our customers. Beyond that, this will reinforce the line’s competitiveness in the marketplace as gets a lot more ecological with all the green technology support the vessels are equipped with.

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