EVERGREEN Completes Its 50th Anniversary

Evergreen completes 50 years! The month of its half-century celebration it’s the right time for a retrospective, to see where it came, what has accomplished and what has learned.


Evergreen – 50 Years of History

Evergreen was born of the sea. Braving winds and waves, we sail at the forefront of the global stage.

Evergreen Group Founder and Chairman Dr. Y. F. Chang established Evergreen Marine Corp. in 1968. After 50 years, we have overcome challenges and continue to steer a steady course to a future of infinite possibilities.

“I just love the sea. I can’t bear to give up my work in the maritime industry. To pursue a career, you need to set a target and devote yourself to achieve that goal. If you fail, try again. Failure is the mother of success, just keep on trying.

When I first started the company I didn’t aspire to become a shipping magnate, vessels of 500 tons would be enough to meet our demand, rather than anything bigger. Back then, it was hard to imagine the scale of our operation today.”

Dr. Y. F. Chang


In 1968, Dr. Chang started the company with just one used general cargo ship. Despite adversities and fierce competition his leadership encouraged employees to remain positive and overcome obstacles along the way.

“At that beginning we were based in a four-story building on Chang-an East Road. My apartment was on the fourth floor and the offices were on the first and second floors. We were a small company with a few bulk vessels.

You should all still remember the fire that occurred on Ever Island in Keelung. That was a very, very tough time. At that time, we asked Marubeni Corporation for support to build five new general cargo ships. I planned on building container ships. Marubeni’s business department head asked me why would Evergreen want to venture into container shipping, do you have the ability to do so, and to that I replied – Yes, definitely!”

Dr. Y. F. Chang


Historical Milestones

1969 – Launched Taiwan’s first Far East-Arabian-Persian Gulf regular liner service.

1972 – Inaugurated Taiwan’s first Far East-Caribbean linear Service. Guided by Dr. Chang’s exceptional vision Evergreen embraced fully-containerized transportation.

1975 – Launched Taiwan’s first Far East-US East Coast container route becoming the first shipping company in Taiwan to offer containerized service.

1979 – Inaugurated Taiwan’s first Far East-Europe full container service breaking the century-old monopoly held by the Far Eastern Freight Conference.

1983 – Built the Far East’s largest inland container terminal.

1984 – Inaugurated round-the-world eastbound and westbound full container services marking an unprecedented milestone in the shipping industry.

1985 – Became the world’s largest container shipping company. All across the world we keep up our pace of development going forward we are committed to creating more possibilities for the global transportation industry.


We Are Still Growing

For 50 years, with an iron will, we have ventured far and wide across the seas, on land and in the skies to make Evergreen what it is today.

As a leading brand in the global shipping industry, Evergreen has attained many significant milestones and gained international recognition. We now operate a fleet of more than 200 container ships and serve all five continents. With more than 300 locations around the world we are growing steadily and continuously innovating.

Our operating strategy is comprehensive and flexible, and we upgrade e-commerce capabilities providing high-quality and efficient shipping services to all customers. In the pursuit of greater operational efficiency, we remain true to our corporate philosophy of generating profit, caring for employees and giving back to society.

We use the most advanced shipping technologies to promote sustainable coexistence between people and the environment and to protect the earth.

Evergreen´s success today is the result of the concerted efforts of our entire team as well as the support and encouragement of all our customers and partners. From our beginnings in shipping the Evergreen’ spirit of challenge, innovation and teamwork has led us to diversify into a network of affiliated companies with mutual ties all growing and thriving together.

We strive to be a positive influence for every level of society and share our achievements to produce solid returns for all. We firmly believe that success is built on respect, integrity, sharing and mutual prosperity. Through 50 years of endurance, Evergreen flourishes from its roots in the sea. We continue our pursuit of service excellence and explore more possibilities for the future.

We thank every one of our colleagues and partners who have worked alongside us over the past 50 years. Your support motivates us to stay true to that original aspiration, to brave the wind and waves, and forge ahead.

We will uphold the concept of sustainable development and carry on with a steady and pragmatic approach to continuously upgrade, surpass and expand our comprehensive transportation services while pursuing the grand vision that leads us to navigate our way to every corner of the world.

At Evergreen we are proudly dedicated to making life better for everyone whether at sea, on land or in the sky, our goal is to enrich people’s lives and to work hand-in-hand to create a better future.

Evergreen at 50.

Full Steam Ahead!



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