Advantages of Sea Shipping

Sea shipping and the movement of goods, is an essential process for the way consumer society is currently organized. At this moment, more than ever, we live in a global world. By way of example: we buy raw materials from India for goods we produce in Portugal, which we then sell to the United States. And this trend is increasing more and more. Consequently choosing the mode of transport is a major step, which may define the success/failure of our projects.

All modes of transport have their specific characteristics, with advantages and disadvantages, which vary according to the need and specificity of each product, customer and/or market(s) in which it operates. Following are some of the advantages of Sea Shipping.


Key Advantages of Sea Shipping

The specific case of maritime transport has several advantages, ranging from:

  • Suitable for any type of cargo

The size and capacity of today’s ships make them an extremely versatile means of transport. Thus it is virtually possible to transport any type of cargo: chemicals, fuels, perishable and frozen food, sands, cereals, ores, automobiles, among others.

  • Large Volume Handling

The advantages of sea shipping are also present in the transport of large volumes, either in terms of the size of the goods or in the quantity of those.

  • Safety

Sea Shipping follows strict international safety rules and standards, which, combined with the specific conditions of shipping, make it a very safe and viable option.

  • Travel Long Distances

About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water from the oceans, which connect cities, countries, continents. This means that sea shipping is widely covered globally, and the most widely used mode of international freight.

  • Lower Unit Costs

With impressive cargo capacities (there are already ships capable of carrying more than 23,000 TEU!) allow shipping costs to be diluted making the unitary price quite competitive.

  • Environmentally More Sustainable

In the environmental ground, transporting large quantities of goods, together with the use of less polluting fuels and more efficient ships, allows the ecological footprint of sea shipping to be diminished compared to other means of transport.


Sea Shipping has many advantages for those who have the world as their market. If this is the option that best suits your company, contact Green Ibérica and we will be happy to answer all your questions!