Green Ibérica is PME Leader 2018

Green Ibérica won the statute of PME Leader 2018!

Before the end of 2018 we´ve received great news, Green Ibérica was awarded with the PME Leader 2018 status! It’s true that receiving this prize is not new, once we’ve been recognized by this agency for several years, now. Never the less, is with great pride that we see our work, effort and dedication recognized.


PME Leader 2018 Status

PME Leader Status is a recognition of the health of the Portuguese companies, given by IAPMEI (Institute of Support to Small and Medium Companies) in partnership with banks and Mutual Guarantee Societies. This list is composed by the organizations with best evaluation ratings and economic and financial indicators.

Besides the reputation associated to this prize, the PME Leader status gives access to several benefits, such as:

  • Access to financial products in better conditions;
  • Privileged access to a network of services;
  • A better banking relationship;
  • It’s a quality certificate to companies in their relationship with the market.



IAPMEI have mission to:

 Promote corporate competitiveness and growth, assure the support to conception, execution and evaluation of politics aimed to the industrial activity, to increase innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate investment in the companies that work in areas under the authority of the Portuguese Ministry of Economy, namely small and medium dimension companies, excluding those of the Tourism sector and the competences of following in this field, which are of the Portuguese Director General of the Economic Activities.

The importance of this organization has been already recognized by the EEPA – European Enterprise Promotion Awards that awarded PME Leader with the prize in the category Development of the Corporate Environment of 2016. This prize recognizes PME Leader as a pioneer initiative with a great impact in the funding of the companies, in the recognition of PME and by making the information in the market flow better.


To Green Ibérica it’s a great pride to be part of this restricted list!