Ever Gifted starts operations for Evergreen Line

Ever Gifted is the fifth of the brand new G-Class at Evergreen’s disposal. With six vessels yet to be delivered, these giants of the sea are the carrier’s largest container ships and they come with standard ‘megamax’ dimensions of 400 m in length and 59 m (23 rows) in breadth.

The first of these ships was delivered on March 2018 and the last one is expected to be delivered on September 2019

Equipped by an eleven-cylinder MAN-B&W G95ME main engine rated at 59,250 kW MCR, the ships can reach commercial speeds of up to 21 knots.

The Ever Gifted joined the OCEAN Alliance Asia – Europe ‘NEU6’ loop. This service is branded ‘CEM’ by Evergreen.

This Evergreen-operated loop is currently being upgraded from 14,000 to 20,000 TEU tonnage. The first ‘megamax’ to phase into the ‘NEU6’ was the Ever Golden, shifted from the ‘NEU3’, where she was replaced by 14,000 TEU tonnage, in early December.

This capacity boost allocated to the European market is a clear sign of the trust Evergreen have in this geographic area. It is a clear recognition of its value and its growth potential.