EVER ACE – The Largest Container Ship in the World Already Sails on EVERGREEN!

EVER ACE, which has become the largest container ship to cross the world’s seas, is already sailing under the command of EVERGREEN! It was at the end of last July that Samsung Heavy Industries delivered to EVERGREEN the EVER ACE. With a capacity of 23,992 TEU, this giant has become the largest container ship to sail the world’s seas!

EVER ACE Features

The first of 12 container ships of the new “A-Class” category, and the first “Megamax-24” in the EVERGREEN fleet (the remaining will be delivered during this and the next year of 2022), in addition to the aforementioned capacity for 23 992 TEU, have 400 meters long, 62 meters wide and deadweight of 225,000 tons. These new megamax ships are equipped and powered with exhaust gas purifiers. To add to all that, this vessel is equipped with an 11-cylinder WinGD X92B diesel engine, that drives the ship at speeds of up to 22.5 knots.

EVERGREEN’s New Ships and Environmental Commitments

In line with th­e environmental concerns that EVERGREEN has imposed in its own activity, these new megamax, as well as seen in the latest G-Class already delivered, come equipped with various environmental protection systems and strictly comply with the regulations of international maritime agencies.

These vessels incorporate new intelligent technology, which includes energy-saving devices that significantly reduce fuel consumption and thus reduce toxic gas emissions into the atmosphere.

With these new acquisitions, EVERGREEN bets on the rejuvenation and increase of its fleet. This increases the quality of the service provided to its customers and significantly reduces the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

Green Ibérica is the exclusive agent of EVERGREEN in Portugal. If you have cargo to transport by sea, please get in touch with us.