Green Ibérica - PME Líder 2019

Green Ibérica is PME Leader 2019

Green Ibérica won the statute of PME Leader 2019!

Before the end of 2019 we´ve received great news, Green Ibérica once again received the “PME Líder 2019” award from IAPMEI! We thank all customers and collaborators, internal and external, who made it possible to keep this distinction.

It’s true that receiving this prize is not new, once we’ve been recognized by this agency for several years, now. Nevertheless, is with great pride that we see our work, effort and dedication being recognized.

Green Ibérica - PME Líder 2019


PME Leader 2019 Status

PME Leader Status is a recognition of the health of the Portuguese companies, given by IAPMEI (Portuguese Institute of Support to Small and Medium Companies) in partnership with banks and Mutual Guarantee Societies. This list is composed by the organizations with best evaluation ratings and economic and financial indicators.

Besides the reputation associated to this prize, the PME Leader status gives access to several benefits, such as:

  • Access to financial products in better conditions;
  • Privileged access to a network of services;
  • A better banking relationship;
  • It’s a quality certificate to companies in their relationship with the market.



IAPMEI have mission to:

Promote corporate competitiveness and growth, assure the support to conception, execution and evaluation of politics aimed to the industrial activity, to increase innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate investment in the companies that work in areas under the authority of the Portuguese Ministry of Economy, namely small and medium dimension companies, excluding those of the Tourism sector and the competences of following in this field, which are of the Portuguese Director General of the Economic Activities.

The importance of this organization has been already recognized by the EEPA – European Enterprise Promotion Awards that awarded PME Leader with the prize in the category Development of the Corporate Environment of 2016. This prize recognizes PME Leader as a pioneer initiative with a great impact in the funding of the companies, in the recognition of PME and by making the information in the market flow better.


Green Ibérica will keep “Naturally on the way” towards value delivery to our customers.

EVERGREEN Orders Ten More of the World’s Largest Container Ships

EVERGREEN Group will buy ten of the World’s Largest Container Ships, with almost 24,000 TEU capacity! Four 23,888 TEU ships are ordered to the new China State Shipbuilding Corporation Group. Two of the ships will be built at Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard whilst the other two will be built at Jiang-nan Shipyard. The remaining six Megamax ships will have 23,764 TEU and are ordered to Samsung Heavy Industries of Korea.

This massive order will cost EVERGREEN anywhere between US$1.4 billion and US$1.6 billion, according to estimates, and could lead to move up a place in the world ranking of cargo lines by capacity.

The first one of this G-Type vessels are likely to be delivered within 12 to 18 months.


Twenty-one of the World’s Largest Container Ships

With this new order, EVERGREEN Group will have in its fleet, twenty-one ULCVs (Ultra Large Container Vessels). This ten of the world’s largest container ships will join the eleven already in service.

The vessels already in service have 400 meters in length, 59 meters in breadth and capacity from 20,388 TEU to 20,244 TEU (depending whether if it already have or if it does not have Scrubbers installed). The vessels ordered will be 400 meters in length, 61.5 meters in breadth, 33.2 meters high and capacity from 23,764 TEU to 23,888 TEU (depending on where it will be built).

Orders will be split between EVERGREEN Marine Corp., Greencompass Marine S.A. and EVERGREEN Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd., all part of EVERGREEN Group.


The New Play Role for Evergreen’s ULCVs in Environmental Compromises

In line with the stringent eco-friendly criteria that EVERGREEN has imposed on its own operation. These ships are equipped with various environmental protection devices, and fully comply with the regulations of international maritime agencies.

Vessels will have new smart technology on board and will also feature energy saving devices to significantly reduce fuel consumption and, consequently, reduce the emission of toxic gases to the atmosphere.

With these new acquisitions EVERGREEN will rejuvenate the fleet thereby enhancing the quality of service offered to its customers. This will reinforce the line’s competitiveness in the marketplace as well as getting a lot more ecological with all the green technology support the vessels are equipped with.


Green Ibérica is the exclusive representative of EVERGREEN in Portugal. So, if you have cargo to transport by sea, please get in touch with us.