Qatar Airways Cargo: Two Months in Lisbon

Last Saturday, August 24th, made two months that the regular flights of Qatar Airways Cargo to Portugal had begun.

After an initial period that require an essential and natural adaptation, we can say that we are very happy to have one of the largest and best airlines in the world here, and it is a great pride to Green Ibérica, to be chosen to be its representatives in Portugal.

Working with a company of this dimension and experience remains a challenge that gives us a great pleasure. And we can say it has been a tremendous success! Admittedly, no worthwhile path is free of obstacles and unforeseen events, but it is these that give the most flavor to victory!

We look forward to continuing this successful partnership for many years to come, and consolidating the Portuguese market in the network of airports served by the airline.

Qatar Airways em Portugal

Começaram, no dia 24 de junho, os voos diários da Qatar Airways em Lisboa! ✈️✈️✈️Veja no vídeo, o batismo do voo no aeroporto da capital portuguesa.A Green Ibérica é o representante exclusivo da Qatar Airways Cargo em Portugal! 🔝

Publicado por GREEN Iberica em Segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2019

About Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo is fully dedicated to air freight in all its specificities. Operate more than 250 aircraft, including 27 dedicated freighters – including the latest Boeing 747-800 Freighter – for more than 160 destinations, which allows them to achieve an almost global cover.

Using the Hub at NDIA-New DOHA International Airport, awarded as the best airport in the Middle East and with the latest and most sophisticated cargo terminal, we provide an unique operation capability in the East / West routes, favoring the connection with markets in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, the Indian Subcontinent, Africa and Australia with reduced transfers and transit times.

We offer several Cargo Services, namely to extra format dimensions, to various destinations in:

Africa – Acra (ACC), Juba (JIB), Entebbe (EBB), Johannesburg (JNB) Khartoum (KRT), Lagos (LOS), Nairobi (NBO), Maputo (MPM) and Cape Town (CPT).

Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East – Ahmadabad (AMD), Bangalore (BLR), Chennai (MAA), New Delhi (DEL), Hiderabad (HYD) Kolkata (CCU), Mumbai (BOM), Beirut (BEY), Colombo (CMB), Dhaka (DAC), Istanbul (IST), Karachi (KHI), Kuwait (KWI), Lahore (LHE) Muscat (MCT), Doha (DOH), Sialkot (SKT) and Tehran (IKA).

Far East and Southeast Asia – Macau (MFM), Guangzhou (CAN), Hanoi (HAN) Ho Chi Minh (SGN), Hong Kong (HKG), Phnom Penh (PNH), Seoul (ICN), Shanghai (PVG) and Yangon (RGN).

In addition to flights operated from DOHA, the European hubs Amsterdam (AMS), Zaragoza (ZAZ) Liege (LGG) and Luxemburg (LUX) operate daily freighters to Mexico (MEX) and USA – Chicago (ORD), Atlanta (ATL), Houston (IAH) New York (JFK), Miami (MIA), Dallas (DFW), Los Angeles) and a vast network of synchronized road links.


If you have cargo to be sent by air, get in touch with us!

Risks Related to Misdeclared Hazardous Cargo

Misdeclared hazardous cargo can pose a serious risk not only to that cargo, as also to health, safety, property. This is because, since it is not properly manifested, it is not properly handled and packaged.

Due to the specific – and risky – characteristics that this load represents, it is subject to acceptance by the line. When accepted, the necessary specific adjustments will be made in booking.

Hazardous cargo that is not scheduled or documented as such shall be considered as undeclared hazardous cargo. Therefore all costs, damages, fines and penalties that may arise will be the merchant’s responsibility.

Therefore, and for the safety of all stakeholders, EVERGREEN has announced that it will apply fines for those who declare hazardous cargo incorrectly. Thus, any omission, concealment or misrepresentation of dangerous cargo will result in penalties to those entitled.

This decision is in line with the measures taken by other shipowners and results from accidents which have been attributed to Misdeclared hazardous cargo. According to the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS), these are the causes of approximately 25% of all major accidents on board container ships

With this measure EVERGREEN intends to reduce the risk that incorrect declaration of dangerous cargo poses to ships, cargo and people.

Misdeclared Non-Hazardous Cargo

Also the remaining undeclared cargo will lead to additional charges. Therefore, any incorrect description or statement will lead to merchant liability, which may incur penalties.

Green Ibérica is here to assist in the correct declaration of all cargo. For more information, please contact us.

Ever Govern has joined EVERGREEN

Ever Govern is the ninth G-Class (20,000+ TEU) ship to be part of the EVERGREEN’s fleet. After the arrival of this “megamax” ship, only two of this class are still to be delivered, to complete the order of the eleven ordered in 2015. The latter is expected to arrive as early as September.

For now Ever Govern has joined the OCEAN Alliance in the Asia – Europe ‘NEU6’ loop (branded as ‘CEM’ by EVERGREEN).

Ever Govern and New ULCV Characteristics

As we have already mentioned in the past, this giant of 400 m in length and 59 m (23 rows) in breadth, comes with an 11-cylinder MAN-B & W G95ME engine, delivering around 59,250 kW. This engine allows you to reach speeds that can reach 21 knots.

New ULCV and the Environment

Unlike the first seven ships of this class already delivered, Ever Govern, as well as the remaining 3 ships that make up the 11 ordered, already comes with a SOx scrubber installed. This “extra” means a loss of 144 TEU of capacity (from 20,388 TEU to 20,244 TEU). This is, however, an investment aimed at the greater good of preserving the environment. With this we will be limiting pollutant emissions to the atmosphere and, consequently, our ecological footprint.

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